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Pictured (in colour) is a Regular bundle, design of the day.

Pictured (in black and white) are sample photos to illustrate Bundle in a vase and Classic bundle.

Bundle of The Day (5 Dec)

  • Our bundles are created using fresh flowers selected daily.


    Regular bundle measures approx 9 inches wide, in a wrapped bouquet.

    Classic bundle measures approx 12 inches wide, in a wrapped bouquet.

    Bundle in a Vase measures approx 11 inches wide, 9 inches tall.


    There may be slight variations in the colours and arrangement of flowers as each bundle is unique. We aim to use the freshest blooms available in our arrangements. Hence, we seek your understanding that in the event where the original flower type is unavailable, we will replace it with other seasonal flowers without prior notice. 

  • You may select the option of free local delivery or self-collection at checkout page.


    • Local delivery available from 11am - 5pm, Mon - Fri
    • Specific timings for delivery are not applicable to daily flower bundles.
    • Our studio is located at Taiseng for self-collection, full address can be found at the bottom of the page, available from 11am - 6pm, Mon - Fri


    Order while stocks last!


    Other information regarding delivery can be found under Delivery & Returns.

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