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Tips on How to Look After Your Freshly Delivered Flowers

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Floral bouquets are one of the best gifts to receive. However, they tend to wither away quite quickly without the proper care or attention. Whether you’ve recently received anniversary flowers or decided to get some delivered to spruce up your living space, you’ll likely want to extend the shelf life of your gorgeous bouquet. At Floraison Studio, we want to ensure that our precious bouquets spark joy in your life for as long as possible, so we’ve rounded up our favourite tips for you on how to care for your freshly delivered bouquets.

First Rule of Flower Club

The first rule of Flower Club is…Always recut the stems of the new bouquet and place them immediately into a clean vase of water. To effectively cut your flowers, trim them individually at a 45 degree angle and under a steady stream of water. Trimming the stems every alternate day will also help your flower stay wilt-free for longer.

Importance of Changing Water and adding Additives to prolong shelf life

Changing the water in your vase daily or alternate day will keep you flowers fresh. Flowers are knows to pollute clean water quite rapidly, leaving unchanged water in the vase for too long of a period could lead to a polluted and smelly liquid in your home. Keeping your bouquets nourished through additives in the water will help keep them colourful and lively for much longer. Depending on what you have on hand, the type of flowers in your bouquet and how expensive the bouquet was, you might want to use a home-made solution or a more specific packet additive available at most gardening stores. To make your own solution, mix 3 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar into 1 litre of warm water. When you place the cut stems into the vase, ensure that they are covered by a healthy 3-4 inches (7-10cm) of the solution to ensure the best results.

The Perfect Spot

While flowers can add life to every crevice of your home or office, their life-span will depend entirely on where they are placed. Cut flowers prefer cooler temperatures and will wilt surprisingly fast in Singapore's unforgiving heat. Avoid placing your flowers in hot spots, away from direct heat, sunlight and wind. If your house is perpetually hot, as it can be in Singapore, place your flowers in an air conditioned space over night to recuperate.

Keep an Eye Out

The last thing is to keep an eye on your flowers, it isn’t required that you inspect them twice a day but take a close look at them every couple of days. You may need to add more water, change the solution if it looks polluted or depending on the additive you used you may need to top it up. Plus, taking the time to care and admire plants is a known form of therapy that will help improve the quality of your life; bonus!

Floral upkeep doesn’t take a lot of time but reaps many benefits. In return for the little time you spend on the flowers, you’ll be rewarded with a bouquet of fresh, long-lasting flowers and a boost in happiness. At Floraison Studio we provide you with the best quality, specially curated bouquet of flowers to help brighten your space and day. If you follow these tips, your stunning bouquets will stay fresh and healthy for a longer time.

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