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Reasons You Should Have Fresh Flowers in Your Home

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Everyone loves the sight of a fresh, colourful bouquet of flowers. While a bouquet of flowers may not be the top priority in a person’s mind, its presence is always joyfully welcome. Whether these flowers appear as an ode to a special occasion, a rare treat or a weekly bouquet flowers always conjures up a smile. It’s no secret that people are partial to the sight of flowers and the sentiment attached to them. However, there is more than just meets the eye when it comes to flowers. Here are a few reasons why you should introduce fresh, bouquets into your home.

Boost your Mood

Scientific research has substantiated ancient whispers that flowers can genuinely boost your mood, increase your happiness and reduce stress/anxiety. This certainly explains why flowers are present at most milestones in one’s life: birthday, wedding new births and etc. It also explains why flowers are present in some of the more sullen points in one’s life, such as a death. The positive energy flowers bring can help cultivate a happy and efficient environment. Subsequently having flowers in your house will immediately brighten the moods of people, allowing your home to be the welcoming safe haven you designed it to be.


In conjunction with the mental benefits that flowers bring to the table, they also bring an excellent choice of décor for the table. Flowers liven up the décor in any room without the commitment. Playing with the colours in your bouquet allows you to draw a completely different vibe for your room and house, in order to suit an occasion or feeling. Setting a stunning bouquet of vibrant red Poinsettia and vivid greenery during the Christmas period will complement your Christmas decorations and help incite the Christmas spirit familiar to us as children. Our seasonal Flower Subscription will help you achieve the right feel for every holiday and brighten up your house in between. With the option to have a bundle delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even spontaneously this subscription is bound to suit your needs.

Improve Your Work life

Since flowers is ultimately a conduit to a peaceful and relaxed mind, it will help improve your work life. For those that work from home and need a change of space, a creative inspiration or concentration help, a bouquet of fresh flowers will help achieve this. For those that don’t work from home, the mantra of ‘A Happy Home, Happy Life’ includes ‘a happy work life’. The destressing properties of flowers allow you to shrug of the stress of work when you arrive home and face the new work day with a surge of new energy.

The effect that fresh flowers have on a person is easily over looked in day to day life, only visited during special occasions. The inconvenience of visiting a florist during a busy week can also be off-putting to most. To avoid the inconvenience take a well-calculated chance on the Daily Flower Bundles or the Flower Subscription we have available at Floraison Studio, we’re confident you won’t be disappointed.

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