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Today, flowers are essentially important to grace any occasion especially with its quintessential take on modernity. The beauty of it all is the ability of florists, who are artists of their own kind, to turn a bouquet of flowers into something extraordinary.

It is no easy feat to make a bunch of flowers look creatively contemporary. With bespoke flower curators, it is more than possible. This trend has seen a rise recently, where people portray classic versions of flowers in a more modern light.

At Floraison Studio, we simply love doing the magic of turning classics into something more bespoke. It is just like fine-tuning your art piece into something more unique and relevant. We are a flower delivery in Singapore, offering you a variety of such bespoke bouquets for any occasion. This is your access to a range of custom bridal bouquet, especially for the flower hobbyist.

This is setting the benchmark for existing flower trends that we follow accordingly. We can do that with our bespoke bridal bouquet at Floraison Studio and offer anyone an experience like no other. We also engage in a customised and speedy delivery in Singapore

With 2018 coming to an end soon, we have rounded up the top and classic flower

trends that were huge throughout the year.

1) Flower of The Year

To set the ball rolling, according to current trends, the award for the best flower goes to Chrysanthemums. It is the perfect flowers for brightening someone’s day and adding cheer into their lives. If you are looking for something to match your persona, this is the go-to flower indeed.

2) The Modern Take on Peonies

These flowers will never go out of style. They are popularly used as wedding bouquets, helping to emit joy and energy on that special day. It is a wonderful choice as it represents romance and an ever-lasting marriage.

Currently, traditional bouquets are still popular and it never escapes the aesthetic appeal it gives to its spectator. In 2018, instead of sticking to more conservative arrangements, more free-form and diverse peony bouquets are being selected by brides and brides to be. It expresses a sense of individualism for women to feel more attached to their flower on their big day.

Keep a lookout for our range of custom bridal bouquet, which is specially curated for you at Floraison Studio.

3) Light vs Dark

Throughout the year, a rising trend of clashing colours is notably observed. Light and dark bouquet styles are known to have set the stage. This juxtaposition gives depth to the usage of flowers, as people and florists are seen experimenting with colours, even the non-conventional dark coloured flower bouquet.

It portrays a much bolder appeal to its spectator describing life as associated with nature and decay. Pastel pinks and light flowers like roses and hydrangeas are much of the popular ones, especially among brides.

At Floraison Studio, we choose to remain on the subtle side as a majority of our flowers range from light to fairly dark colours. Get on board our flower delivery in Singapore to enjoy your very own custom bridal bouquet now.

4) Customising your Style

Nowadays, as seen on Instagram feeds, even flowers are taking bespoke to the next level. Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon to express their own unique style and personality as reflected through their bouquets.

At Floraison Studio, we do the magic for you. We customise our flowers to match it with your style and taste. Your chosen and ideal bouquets can reach you faster than you think especially with our flower delivery in Singapore.

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