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Exquisite Blooms for Your Special Valentine

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

There’s nothing more precious than seeing the expression on your loved one's face when they receive a bouquet of flowers. To your loved ones, a bouquet of flowers illustrates the depth of your love. In the Victorian Era, a whole romantic language was developed by the act of giving and receiving flowers. The type of flowers, the colour, and the size was all thought to convey a specific meaning; a key to decode the hearts and minds of the giver. At Floraison Studio, we understand the significance of flowers in celebrating your love. Therefore, we’ve curated several special Valentine’s Day Flower Bundles to help you express your feelings. These bundles have been crafted in several different garden themes with a range of colour schemes so you can pick the one which reflects the nature of your love accurately. We also provide Valentine’s flower delivery all throughout Singapore.  


Our Harper Valentine’s Day Flower bundle is an indulgently romantic bouquet that puts a twist on the usual bed of red roses. It’s crafted with a kaleidoscope of winter tones; merlot reds, deep greens and crisp whites. Perfect for those who appreciate classical beauty with a touch more depth.  


Our Lyla Valentine’s Day Flower Bundle is curated with pastel pinks, greens and creamy whites. This tranquil bouquet symbolizes young, sweet love free of responsibilities and worries. The perfect bouquet for those that prefer a more feminine touch. 


Our Polly Valentine’s Day Flower Bundle is pulled together with fresh cream tones of lilac and peach. A bouquet for those who prefer understated beauty. 


Our Scarlet Valentine’s Day Fresh Flower Bundles is the classic bouquet for the hopeless romantic. The perfect bouquet to express what words cannot. With an elegant colour scheme; deep reds contrasted with vivid greens, it’s the bouquet for the traditional romantic. 

Valentine’s Day is a special day for all couples, it’s a time set aside to celebrate your relationship. To appreciate and thank one another for all the laughs, special moments and tears they’ve brought into your life. Floraison Studio has captured the essence of the varying degrees of love and taste in our Valentine’s Day Flower Bundles. For your convenience, we are also able to provide delivery throughout Singapore on and around Valentine’s Day. We invite you to pick the Valentine’s Day Flower Bundle that resonates with your relationship the most and we promise that your partner will be overwhelmed with joy and love upon receiving them.  Gift them with a bright smile and fresh flowers this Valentine’s Day.

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