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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

What’s better than the smell of coffee? Flowers, of course.

As Luther Burbank, an American botanist once said, “Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”

According to BBC Earth, some research has shown that flowers are directly correlated to health. It is said that flowers can help to alleviate some mental health disorders such as stress, depression and anxiety. Interacting with nature can help control these symptoms and experience feelings of happiness, which ultimately leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Getting a daily dose of greenery and fresh flowers can drastically improve mood conditions. In addition to that, adding flowers to your home can create a sophisticated and healthy living environment.

At Floraison Studio, we give you access to fresh flower bundles daily. We make your week special by introducing a new batch of fresh flower bundles regularly to greet your day with smiles and bouts of cheerfulness. We aim to create unique memories with our versatile range of flower designs crafted just for you and your loved one. We even go the extra mile of customising the fresh flower bundles just the way you like it!

Read on to find out more about our daily floral bundles for your daily dose of greenery.

1) Bundle in a Jar

The bundle in a jar is available for order at Floraison Studio, on our website and you can enjoy it with our flower bundles delivery in Singapore. Our flowers are unique as they are prepared in a minimalistic light accompanied by an elegant design with a contemporary vibe.

We have three different types of daily flower bundles, namely, regular bundle, classic bundle and bundle in a jar. Our regular and classic bundles are usually arranged in a bouquet. On the other hand, our bundle in a jar is a vase arrangement.

There are a variety of flowers available in one bundle, ranging from peony, tulips, roses, carnation and many more. With Christmas around the corner, we are commemorating the occasion with customised Christmas flowers such as holly oak, mini rosespay and eryngium in our fresh flower bundles.

They are specially arranged in a Christmas style making it an ethereal sight to behold for the spectator. Take a look at our instaworthy flower designs on our Instagram page. Even better, get your hands on our fresh flowers with our flower bundles delivery in Singapore.

2) Same Day Delivery

With our free same day delivery service, you can get access to our fresh flowers even faster now just by placing an order before 12 pm. It is delivered straight to your doorstep! You can expect and keep track of new flower designs daily, on our Instagram page.

Our daily flower bundles are pocket friendly and we provide with free delivery to encourage gifting on any occasion. We have a range of exotic types of imported flowers which you can appreciate.

The option to pre-order your daily flower bundle delivery on another date is available as well. At Floraison Studio, we engage in free local flower bundles delivery in Singapore from 11 am to 6 pm, weekdays only.

3) Custom Orders

It is the decade of customisation, and there is no denying that this trend will continue to stay especially with flowers. People are interested in customising flowers to suit their tastes and preferences to grace any special occasions.

Floraison Studio offers a wide range of ready-to-go customised options for fresh flower bundles. We have a flair for meeting our customer’s expectations and giving them what they desire out of our exceptional flower designs.

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