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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

It goes without saying. It is the time and age for contemporary twists and takes, whether it is in fashion, design or art. Nowadays, weddings are seen to adopt many different modern renditions. In other words, brides today are incorporating different contemporary factors into their wedding ceremonies. One of these adaptations is the use of eclectic and up-to-date bridal bouquets all customised based on their preference.

We have discovered contemporary bridal bouquet styles that you can use for your wedding ceremony. This gives you all the more reason to engage in customising your bouquet style into perfection to inject a sense of personality into the flower you wish to carry for your wedding. Personalising flowers is what sets your wedding apart these days. Adding unexpected elements such as feathers, succulents or fabric flowers can modernise your arrangement. In fact, it just makes it more special!

At Floraison Studio, we give you the best experience with our fresh flower delivery in Singapore for your wedding. You can have your very own access to our range of bridal bouquets we have in store for you.

If you intend on making your one special day a magical affair, we have unveiled some contemporary bridal bouquets that are on trend, which you can follow.

1) Cascading Bouquet

A cascading bouquet takes the shape of a teardrop with a wide posy top and a short wide tail that stretches out to a point at the bottom of the bouquet.

It involves a trailing look, which spills elegantly over the bride’s hands creating a sophisticated and stylized look.

At Floraison Studio, we can customise your bridal bouquet according to your desired colour palette with your very own selection of flowers and style.

On top of that, Floraison Studio can provide you with free flower delivery in Singapore.

2) Classic Round Bouquet

The classic round bouquet is a traditional classic and one of the most popular choices among brides. It is known for its versatility as well as its beauty. It includes small delicate flowers arranged tightly into a hand-held posy. This arrangement makes it easy for the flower bouquet to be held in one hand as it is light and convenient.

The classic round bouquet do not have much foliage and it features long cut stems. To create a shape across the round posy, twigs and grasses can be used to add a mystical effect.

3) Natural and Wild Hand-Tied Bouquet

The natural and wild hand-tied bouquet is almost similar to the classic round bouquet. It is also known as a posy, one of the simplest styles of bridal bouquet. It consists of a bunch of flowers where the stems are held in an unstructured and unconventional way.

The flowers are usually loosely tied together with a single ribbon, allowing the bouquet to showcase the stems, giving it an all-natural look.

Our natural and wild hand-tied bouquet evokes a minimalist style as it is a trend most popular with many brides.

In writing, experimenting with different styles of flowers sounds as exciting as it seems.

Turn it into reality by choosing our flower delivery in Singapore, to receive your very first bridal bouquet!

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