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Flowers - the true essence to turn a wedding into an event of awe amidst admiration.

It is just perfect to evoke a sense of melancholy while adding wonder to the joyous occasion. Undeniably, it creates a heavenly spectacle for its audience.

At Floraison Studio, we make sure to create a lasting impression through our contemporary take on floral bouquets and arrangements. An evergreen tinge of creativity is exhibited with our custom bridal bouquet. We provide flower delivery in Singapore which caters to any special occasion.

Many will be looking to find the right flowers for their special day. The inevitable challenge is to make a decision and take your best pick from the beautiful array of flowers available. Not to mention, the flowers have to harmoniously match the theme of the wedding. Floraison Studio will certainly provide you with a feeling of confidence and satisfaction with its selection of flower delivery in Singapore. If you would like access to daily flowers in Singapore, Floraison Studio is just the right place.

Popular wedding flowers range from Roses to Tulips, Lily of the Valley, Calla Lily, Hydrangeas, Peony, Stephanotis and Gardenia. With so many flowers waiting to make their blooming appearance, choosing the right one can turn into a pernickety event.

To make it more convenient for you, Floraison Studio engages in flower delivery in Singapore, curated and customised to suit your bespoke bridal bouquet needs as well as expectations.

The recent royal wedding is a great example to teach us about the eloquent use of flowers.

It is a huge affair that we all ought to take a closer peek into and get inspired by. We cannot help but admire the stunning portrayal of flowers that surrounded Meghan Markle when she walked down the aisle. It beautifully draped the wedding ambience with a sense of purity turning it into a momentous event. The flowers truly matched the affair and its glory.

Here is a blooming story on the magnificent floral archway at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and how it was all decked up beautifully at the royal wedding.

1) The Makings of The Floral Archway

The floral archway was adorned with snow-white flowers which cost thousands of dollars. The West Door of St George’s Chapel was surrounded by flowers and foliage. The organ loft inside the chapel was also decorated with the flowers.

The high alter surrounded by flowers and foliage exhibited an aura of divinity marking the wedding as a traditional occasion. Florists were seen hard at work turning the floral archway into an enchanting sight to behold. It turned the wedding into a fairy-tale like event, creating a dream into reality for Meghan Markle.

2) Choice of Flowers

What sets this wedding apart is its choice of flowers and how popular classics were used to make a glorious first impression. White garden roses, peonies and foxgloves adorned the archway. They were surrounded by branches of beech, birch and hornbeam. Bundles of pink roses and white blossoms were carefully chosen to deck out the chapel.

The rose is a favourite wedding flower and holds a certain significance to graciously set the tone for the wedding, providing the couple with feelings of joy and inspiration. The white rose symbolises purity while a pink rose represents admiration and joy.

Peonies, on the other hand, is known to signify romance and an ever-lasting marriage.

Florists were seen delivering the flowers to the chapel in the morning of the wedding to aid in the finishing touches of the display. For a similar experience, turn to our range of custom bridal bouquet at Floraison Studio. In the past, the only way to have access to daily flowers in Singapore is to visit a florist physically. Now, with our online flower delivery you can rely on our selection of custom bouquets to help you with the decision making process, whether you want it suited to your taste and preference.

In addition to that, flower bouquets are popularly sought after for wedding occasions and our flower delivery in Singapore will be the perfect service for you.

3) The Woman Behind it All

It takes a true artist to deck out such a fine curation of flower display. According to the Daily Mail UK, Philippa Craddock was personally chosen by the couple to decorate Windsor with the chosen flowers. She is known as a ‘floral mastermind’ to make a bride’s fantasies come true. It is clearly seen in the set-up of the chapel as it looked stunningly like a floral fantastical romance.

A true florist can only supersede expectations and at Floraison Studio, we do the same with our range of bespoke bridal bouquet. With our flower delivery in Singapore we can ignite your senses at any of your special occasions.

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