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5 Easy Care Tips for Your Fresh Flower Daily Bundle

Bundles of joy abound!

If you’ve got a fresh flower bundle delivered to you, you may be wondering what you can do next to preserve your beautiful blooms.

There’s a plethora of reasons why you would want to keep your fresh flower daily bundle around longer.

In a comprehensive study conducted by a team of researchers at Rutgers University, it was found that fresh flowers in the home elevated the subjects’ subjective feelings of happiness, helping to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety.

Numerous studies also affirm the long-lasting, mood-boosting benefits of the presence of fresh flower bundles and arrangements in our immediate surroundings.

At Floraison Studio, we truly believe in the beautiful memories that fresh flowers create and allow to linger. However, fresh flowers need nourishment to live. In order to help your fresh flower daily bundle last longer, it’s important to shower them with loving care accordingly.

Read on for our top 5 easy care tips for your online fresh flower daily bundle!

1. Change the Water Regularly

Fresh flowers wither even faster in contaminated water—a hotbed for bacteria. Upon receiving your fresh flower daily bundle, you should remove the wrapping and transfer the fresh flowers to a clean vase half-filled with water. Change the water daily; if not, on alternate days. Water the fresh flower daily bundle and pour out any excess water from the vase into a sink, bucket or saucer.

You may also consider adding fresh flower food to the water to further extend the lifespan of your fresh flower daily bundle!

2. Watch the Temperature

If you buy fresh cut flowers in Singapore, most fresh flowers usually last for around 3-7 days in our humid, tropical climate. Fresh flowers fare better in lower temperatures, preferably in a cool, temperate environment. away from direct sunlight, heat and wind. Avoid placing your fresh flower daily bundle near a cooling or heating vent, as that can cause further dehydration.

3. Snip the Stems

Snip several inches off the stems of the fresh flowers in your daily bundle to keep them looking fresher for longer. Use gardening shears or scissors to snip the stems off at a 45° angle, about 1-2 centimetres from the bottom of the stem. Hold the stems in your fingers gently to prevent any damage to the water vessels.

4. Condition with Care

Extend the peak condition of your fresh flower daily bundle by keeping an eye out for any debris (e.g. dying flower leaves and stem parts). If left unattended to in the water, such particles can exacerbate bacteria growth and further shorten the lifespan of your fresh flower daily bundle!

5. Place Far Away from the Fruit Bowl

Your fresh online daily flower bundle will NOT fare well together with fruit. This is due to the emission of ethylene, a hydrocarbon gas that functions as the hormone that regulates a plant’s growth and development, as well as the speed at which these occur.

Without scent and invisible, ripening fruit can cause your fresh online daily flower bundle to wilt even faster. It is best to avoid the unseen evils completely. Place your fresh online daily flower bundle far away from the fruit bowl so that it’ll fare so much better for a lot longer.


Caring for a fresh online daily flower bundle is easy as 1-2-3 (as well as 4 & 5)! With affordable free flower delivery, order flowers online for delivery at Floraison Studio today.

Learn more about our online daily flower bundles here. For any urgent custom fresh flower bundle requests, please email us at or call/text +65 91189202.

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