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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

It is to no surprise that succulents are still a rare type of plant, where some people might still be unaware of them.

In recent times, however, these wonderful plants are growing in popularity as they do well indoors and are mostly the easiest plants to grow.

Succulents are special as they can store water in their leaves for a very long time. When they go through long periods of drought, they rely on the stored water to survive.

On top of that, succulents can spruce up your living space by adding a hint of minimalism and modernism.

As the best florist in Singapore, you can count on us to give you advice on how to take care of your succulents.

At Floraison Studio, our succulents are well-suited for indoor growing, and you can choose the best conditions for your beautiful green plant to have a healthy growth. Growing succulent indoors can be a little bit tricky, but we have it covered for you!

1) Water

For succulents, it is compulsory to water them in moderate amounts. This means you cannot overwater them as they will die of rot. In normal circumstances, they like to dry out in between periods of watering. The soil of a succulent should not be allowed to be left wet and mushy. This will enable rot to begin right from underneath and spread upward to the leaves.

During the growing seasons, succulents tend to enjoy a generous amount of water supply. An underwatered succulent will stop growing and then begin to shed leaves. It is important to water them during humid conditions such as spring and summer.

2) Soil and Drainage

For succulent pots without drainage, it is advisable to use a well-draining soil as it allows for more airflow. If the soil has large particles, it is easier for the water to evaporate much faster. Another solution is to use a measuring cup or spoon to water your mini potted plant.

As you can see, it is not that difficult to water your succulent plant. If you are a fan of plants, taking care of a succulent can be your new pursuit. Get your fresh mini pots of succulents from the best florist in Singapore now!

3) Sunlight

For this step, it is essential to place your succulents in about six hours of sun daily. This also depends on the type of succulents you are working with.

A succulent plant should gradually be introduced to full sun exposure as most of them need sun protection. If temperatures hit 90-degrees and with their small size they may be in danger of sunburn. Succulents that are solid green, pale or variegated are mostly in risk of sunburn. You can opt for plants that are red, grey or blue as they help to reflect the sun’s rays.

It takes the proper care and right steps to not only care but nurture your mini pot of succulent.

4) Clean Environment

As time goes by, your succulent will gradually pick up dust on the surface, and this will inhibit their growth.

A simple solution is to wipe off the leaves and spines gently with a damp cloth or a damp toothbrush.

If you start to see mealy bugs, rub alcohol or pour some alcohol over the soil to kill any of the eggs that have been laid.

At Floraison Studio, we teach you the right steps to groom and nurture your succulents in the best possible way. You can only expect the best out the best florist in Singapore!

For an evergreen experience with our mini succulents, turn these steps into significant action, and you will soon start to see results.

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