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3 Surprising Benefits of Sending Online Daily Flower Bundles

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Our daily flower bundles are bound to bring a smile that won’t wither away!

Daily Flower Bundle

Who knew that the “flower power” slogan chanted by the peace activists of the 1960s would be of greater significance in more ways than they could have ever known?

Originally used in peaceful protests across America, it was the slogan for rising discontentment with America’s involvement in the Vietnam War—a gargantuan two decade-long conflict.

Flowers perfectly represented the causes they were fighting for. Just like peace, flowers can also greatly benefit our physical and mental health.

Research also recognises that, too! Many research studies have proven the link between fresh flowers and arrangements, such as those used in our online daily flower bundles, as a sensorial stimulant for elevated health, sense of wellbeing and more.

Read on for our top 3 surprising benefits of sending fresh flowers and online daily flower bundles!

1. Unexpected Surprises, Surprising Benefits!

What was the last surprise that that came so unexpectedly you couldn’t have even guessed it? Did it make you smile? Humans need surprises, particularly to celebrate the small everyday achievements. Pleasant surprises switch on the dopamine system in the brain, bringing vitality in the journey towards living a life filled with more engagement and wonder.

If you’re looking to surprise someone, what better way than to gift them with a regular subscription for a beautiful, fresh online daily flower bundle from us over at Floraison Studio? If you would like, you can even choose to customise a one-off fresh flower bundle by giving our studio a prior three-day notice period. Customised or otherwise, gifting a fresh flower bundle as a surprise can reflect an incredibly intimate understanding of the recipient, as aptly phrased by Jonathan Safran Foer in his book, Here I Am (pg491-493), “Knowing what is truly wanted by the other shows attention to the loved one and his or her cues.”

2. Unique Fresh Flower Species, Unique Arrangements! Here’s another surprise for you! At Floraison Studio, our team of talented floral artisans tinker around with a variety of unique fresh flower species in colour palettes that buck tradition. Think of Alstroemeria, Holland Rosespray, Protea, Delphinium, Scabiosa, Astrantia, Statice and other seasonal best in pretty pastel and muted hues! Each of our arrangements in for our fresh daily flower bundles in Singapore are truly one-of-a-kind. It makes receiving fresh flowers a truly personalised experience like no other!

3. Inexpensive!

We understand that fresh flowers tend to run on the more expensive side. Fresh flowers also wither faster, making them not the most practical, wallet-friendly gift option. With the rising industry trend of tacking on unnecessary add-ons onto already exorbitantly priced imported flowers, it’s easy to see why many forego gifting fresh flower bundles and bouquets to a loved one.

Despite using beautiful imported fresh flower species, we continually strive to keep the prices low at Floraison Studio! Our regular online daily flower bundles start at $45. Oh, and did we mention that it’s inclusive of same day flower delivery in Singapore?


With affordable free flower delivery for a uniquely arranged, fresh online daily flower bundle from Floraison Studio, there’s no better way to surprise a loved one today!

Learn more about our online daily flower bundles here. For any urgent custom fresh flower bundle requests, please email us at or call/text +65 91189202.

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