noun  flo·rai·son  \ flȯrāzōⁿ \




:Flowering, Blossoming


Seeing the blossoming of flowers as a reminder on the fleeting nature of life, Floraison Studio garners inspiration to amplify the short-lived beauty of flowers but yet leave a lasting impression through our contemporary floral bouquets and arrangements. We seek to design our blooms and greens creatively to encapsulate the theme of contemporary artisanal flowers and send them to you at affordable prices. 

Yun, the founder of Floraison Studio shared an enduring affinity with flowers throughout her childhood and adolescence. Her mother does floristry for a living and since a young age, Yun witnessed the sweat of her mother's hard work behind the creation of each humble bouquet. Her mother's charisma and drive as a florist inspired the admiration of many who know her. This ignited the spark in Yun to pursue floristry, both as a career and craft. With zest, she aspires to transform natural blooms and greens into modern, pocket-friendly floral creations for everyone. 

A daughter's inspiration born from a mother's artistry. A dedication to her mother's legacy.


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